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  • “The Sound and Shock Covered Seven States, They Tell Me” published in River Heron Review
  • “Natchez Steamboat Found in 2007, Honey Island” published in South Broadway Ghost Society
  • “I Held Us on for 36 Hours After the Levee Broke to Hell” shared in River of Poems and published by Channel Magazine
  • “Memphis Lyrics” published in About Place Journal
  • “You’re Gone, but the Cannonballs Still Go Off,” winner of 2021 Coastal Shelf Under 200 Contest
  • “Whom Shall I See When I Look Down?; Or, When the Words to Claim Mine Aren’t Mine” SWIMM
  • Book of Matches: A Literary Journal: microfiction on page 2 “Harahan Bridge,” page 102 “I’m Do Both; Or, How Devout Catholics Also Did Hoodoo,” and page 111 “He Never Minded Right”
  • “He Just Keeps Trying Me” and “The Witch’s Reason” published in Cerasus Magazine
  • “There’s Too Many Hoodoo-ers Right Here in This Town” and “My Boy Didn’t Want to Go to Mass No More” published in Blood and Bourbon
  • “From the Egghead Engineer” published in The Delta Poetry Review
  • “From the Mississippi, Full-up on Charms” in Burrow Press
  • “My Broom Knocked Through the Shingles” published in Tahoma Literary Review, print.
  • “Shantyfolk Hoe-down” published in Atlanta Review.
  • “The River Didn’t Want Him” was a finalist for the House Journal 2021 Fiction and Poetry Contest and was published in Laurel Review, print.
  • “The Poet-Historian Sucks Her Teeth; 2020 Is Not 1811”; “Suspicion in Flood Time, 1937”; and “After the Levee Breaks Again” is forthcoming in September 2022 in Mid/South Anthology by Belle Point Press.
Heather Dobbins reading poems from Swallow the Line